The #1 hockey knob

Inspired by Swedish hockey pros. Sold world wide.


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Why SWEknob?

A problem for hockey players are the holes occuring in the palm of the hockey glove. This is because of the corrosive solvent in the grip tape. If you stop using grip tape at the end of the stick where the friction is the highest this problem would be as good as solved. SWEknob™ is an alternative hockey-knob, free from corrosive solvent and made from 100% recycled rubber wich is also easy on the environment. The knob not only reduces the wear on the gloves but also increases the grip considerably. The increased grip gives you total control of the stick while maintaining the perfect balance and feel of every pass receiving, puck handling and shot.

There are many reasons to buy SWEknob™:

Maximum Grip

Unlike tape, SWEknob™ maintains a perfect grip even when the rubber gets wet.

Minimum Wear

No taped Knob means less corrosive solvent and less holes. SWEknob™ doubles the lifetime of your glove.

More focus

SWEknob™ takes less then 30 seconds to mount and gives you the same knob every time.

More you

Regardless of what type of player you are, there is a SWEknob™ to go with your personality.